JP X Winger IPR


Our all-new X-Winger boards are longer and narrower compared to their predecessors. Theyfeature many new shape details which make them more versatile and agile providing a betterand smoother handling overall. Most importantly they are muchmore efficient and superiorin all aspects supporting the performance of the board.The longer, narrower hull and the flat nose rocker provide a better glide, accelerating quicker,allowing an easier take-off with a smooth transition into flight mode. The clearly defined railshelp transferring the lift created by the bottom surface efficiently into buoyancy whichadditionally supports the take-off. These shape features work together improving additionalcharacteristics:On occasional touchdowns the boardbounces off the water surface gently and smoothlywithout losing speed and in this respect is significantly more efficient and comfortable thanits predecessor.The nose outline is pulled-in to reduce the swing weight and improve the airflow.Tocompensate for the lower volume of the pulled-in nose outline, we added slightly morethickness in this area. Still, the narrower nose results in a lighter feel and a more agile ride.The slightly concave standing area provides a direct feel over the foil.The tail features more rocker. Once in the air, this additional bottom curve lifts the noseresulting in a better flight position of the board. This reduces unwanted contact with thewater when flying and provides a more comfortable stance. On top of that itcreates morepop for jumps and generates extra hight.The X-Wingers feature unique tail cut-outs this year! They reduce volume and bottom widthin the tail area allowing for a more efficient pumping motion in order to generate therequired lift via thefoil. You also can rail the board up harder during turns without the tailcatching. On occasional touchdowns, the cut-outs help reduce drag and maintain speed.Technical details:The boards feature long track boxes providing a big tuning range for the foil. The tracks areembedded in PU blocks running all the way from deck to bottom and creating a extremelystable construction.Additionally, the boards come with high density PVC panels in deck and bottom offering anunmatched ratio of stiffness and low weight in connection with the Innegra railreinforcement.

Serie: 2024

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